An Idea; the Love Affair

From heaviness sprang an idea

—A tantalizing whisper, a glimmer of thought,

Speeding the pulse and setting the mind afire.

We danced around, back and forth

This idea and I

Circling, panting, and colliding

As though we were meant to be

Two parts together; a whole

We raced into the room

To create, to craft, to burn

Grappling frenziedly as we whispered into each other’s ears

Clothes fluttering to the floor

Exposing our wants, our wishes;

And then we

Pieced together our dreams

Our destiny,

Becoming one in a moment,

Blooming from the confines of our once lonely lives

Into the fire of an idea,

Our idea.

And it was love.


Just thought I’d try something new today…and yes, there’s a little spark of an idea brewing in my mind right now… Can’t wait to see where it leads!

Happy writing, everyone. 🙂

About Eva Rieder

Eva Rieder is a speculative and contemporary/mainstream fiction author. By day, she masquerades as a high school Math and English teacher. Though she adores teaching and her students very much, when Eva returns home she reglues her fingertips to the keyboard to pursue her alter ego’s destiny. She currently lives and writes in Northern California with her two keyboard-savvy cats. View all posts by Eva Rieder

6 responses to “An Idea; the Love Affair

  • kittyb78

    Awesome! I’m not much good at poetry myself, but I’ve written a few. 🙂

    My favorite one is this one:

    Only Bliss.

    Surrounded by mist

    We dance and twist

    Our bodies in tune

    Beneath the moon

    Both in our prime

    In a rhythm old as time

    Entangled like this

    We know only bliss

    • Eva Rieder

      Nice, Catrina! Thank you for sharing it. I used to write a ton of poetry in high school that I think is all pretty much crap at this point. However, what I’ve written as an adult I’ve liked a lot more. I don’t usually let it out in public, though. 🙂 Keep up the writing and thanks for stopping by!

  • rebeccaoftomorrow

    Oh sure, just TEASE us…don’t give us any idea of WHAT the idea IS or anything! 😉

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